Contemporary Sport Management - 3rd Edition

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Contemporary Sport Management, Third Edition, provides an excellent overview of the principles and possibilities in this dynamic industry. A top-selling book in its field, this third edition continues to engage readers by offering a global perspective, current research and developments in the field, and personalized contributions from more than 30 stellar scholars and professionals in sport management. The text is written at a reader-friendly yet challenging level and will provide students with a solid foundation in the field, allowing them to successfully progress through their curriculum toward a career in sport management.

Contemporary Sport Management, Third Edition, offers a mix of established theory and new thinking from a highly respected and diverse group of contributing authors. To make the text even more useful, the authors have made several changes to this new edition. The chapters have been revised and updated, with significantly expanded information on international sport, legal issues, and ethics in sport management. The following are new features of the book:

  • Sidebars in every chapter are written by international sport practitioners and scholars.
  • Historical time lines aid readers in putting into context the events, trends, and people who have helped shape sport management over the years.
  • Professional profiles and learning activities help readers apply the information and experience how practitioners operate in the world of sport management.
  • A wealth of ancillaries, including an expanded presentation package, an instructor guide, and a test package, can be easily accessed through a product-specific Web site.
  • The international sidebars in each chapter emphasize the increasing globalization of the sports industry, giving readers an understanding of the similarities and differences in sport management practices and applications around the world. By providing real-world examples, readers will be encouraged to broaden their horizons and to view sport management as the global enterprise that it truly is.

Each chapter features learning objectives, expanded learning activities, a running glossary, and review questions to reinforce the key points. Many chapters contain real-life scenarios, case studies, sample job descriptions, and profiles of sport managers to enable readers to understand sport management as it is experienced by those in the field. This new edition directs readers to a number of Web sites to further emphasize the practicality of the information and to allow readers to capitalize on the vast amount of additional information available online.

The revised and expanded ancillary package makes it easier than ever for instructors to introduce students to the world of sport management. The instructor guide includes brief interviews with industry professionals that can be used in the classroom to provide a practical foundation for the material as well as additional learning activities. The presentation package includes a series of PowerPoint slides that can be revised to accommodate different teaching styles. The instructor guide, presentation package, and test package are all easily accessible to instructors via a product-specific Web site at

Contemporary Sport Management, Third Edition, covers areas such as sociocultural dimensions, management and leadership at every level from amateur to professional, ethics, marketing, communication, budget and finance, legal issues, economics, governance, research, and field experience in sport management. After reading the text and completing the learning activities, readers should be able to do the following:

  • Define sport management and discuss its international significance
  • Describe the nature and scope of professional opportunities within the field and explain the functions performed by sport managers
  • Demonstrate an understanding of various theories as they apply to the field of sport management
  • Critically evaluate major challenges confronting the industry

This text is ideal for students who want to learn more about the growing, exciting, and global field of sport management. Through the learning activities, professional profiles, case studies, and international examples, students gain a thorough grounding in the diverse areas the field offers for academic study and professional practice, and they will gain insight into the global nature of this booming industry.

Αρ. σελίδων:
21 x 28
Εκδοτικός οίκος:
Έτος έκδοσης:
Janet Parks, Jerome Quarterman, Lucie Thibault
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