Valentino Rossi / Record Braker

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Valentino Rossi / Record Braker - A tribute to a legend from MotoCourse (Hardcover)

Valentino Rossi is without doubt the greatest Motor Cycle rider of the modern era. His exploits over the past decade, and more, have placed him alongside the legends of the sport, such as Giacomo Agostini and Mike Hailwood. Rossi’s record-breaking deeds on the track have been accompanied by his fun-loving persona that has endeared him to a whole new raft of fans across the globe. They have been thrilled by the Italian’s audacious skills and fearsome competitiveness that has seen him conquer almost before him, in a career that thus far seen him win almost 100 races in just over 200 starts.

Produced by the publishers of MOTOCOURSE, this lavishly illustrated book celebrates the extraordinary career of Valentino Rossi with an array of fantastic photographs, illustrating, not only his many on-track battles, but also his crowd-pleasing victory celebrations. It is simply a must for his legion of fans worldwide.


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