Wheelchair Sport - A complete guide for athletes, coaches, and teachers

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Wheelchair Sport - A complete guide for athletes, coaches, and teachers

People who use wheelchairs have a greater opportunity than ever before to be physically active. Scientific research continues to refine knowledge about maximizing training for those with spinal cord injuries; cutting-edge adaptive technology continues to afford more innovative and efficient movement possibilities; and opportunities for recreation and sport for athletes at all levels, from novice to expert, continue to expand worldwide.

Wheelchair Sport provides coaches, practitioners, and athletes with the information they need to compete and succeed in wheelchair sports. Written by top coaches, athletes, sport scientists, and specialists in sports medicine and physical therapy who work with wheelchair athletes, this resource offers

  • an explanation of the physiological differences between able-bodied and disabled athletes and the physiological adaptations that result from training;
  • guidelines for training that are customized to wheelchair athletes’ unique needs, including strength and conditioning, nutrition and hydration, and mental wellness;
  • tips on the practical aspects of competing in wheelchair sports, such as optimizing chair set-up and preparing for travel; and
  • expert guidance in developing top-notch training programs for athletes at all skill levels.

This book will help coaches and athletes understand the many benefits of wheelchair sports and maximize training for their chosen sport. Top coaches and athletes, including Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson and Peter Norfolk, offer advice on improving performance and delivering optimal support for wheelchair athletes.

Each chapter in part I delves into sport science issues as they affect wheelchair athletes, providing practical tips for athletes and coaches along the way. These chapters focus on physiological considerations, strength and conditioning, body composition and nutrition, and medical and practical concerns related to traveling and chair configuration.

Part II offers tactics and drills for tennis, rugby, basketball, racing, and hand cycling. Each chapter presents background information on the sport, tactical advice, and drills that will help athletes improve training and performance in competition. These chapters also include sport-specific training programs.

In addition, Wheelchair Sport helps readers understand the psychology of working with wheelchair athletes and describes the coaching attributes required for successful coaching of disabled athletes, from the novice level to the Paralympic level. Readers also gain insight into how the best wheelchair athletes became successful.

Wheelchair Sport equips coaches, teachers, and wheelchair athletes to develop their minds and bodies to their potential and enjoy their participation in sports.

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17.8 x 25.4
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Vicky Goosey-Tolfrey
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