Paraeducators in Physical Education - A training guide to roles and responsibilities

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Through Paraeducators in Physical Education: A Training Guide to Roles and Responsibilities, you can help paraeducators

  • support students with disabilities in physical education
  • understand their roles and responsibilities in physical education and
  • discover strategies for communication, collaboration, behavior management, and instruction.

Paraeducators work in virtually every school—but until now, no systematic training program has existed to teach them how to work effectively with children in physical education settings.

Paraeducators in Physical Education: A Training Guide to Roles and Responsibilities is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use training package for teachers, administrators, and paraeducators. This book and CD-ROM package puts everything you need at your fingertips for effective training from prekindergarten through high school settings for both general and adapted physical education.

Through this package, paraeducators will improve their knowledge, expertise, and experience in physical education. Written by more than a dozen experts in the field of adapted physical education, Paraeducators in Physical Education provides

  • information, tips, and strategies based on decades of experience, all tested in school settings
  • ready-to-go tools to help you record training sessions and pre- and postassessments of trainees’ knowledge and performance, thus helping in risk management and reduction and
  • best practices to foster a safe environment for all children to enjoy physical activity and learn new skills.

Paraeducators in Physical Education presents thorough and practical information across a wide spectrum of issues, including the roles and responsibilities of paraeducators, providing for physical and emotional safety, dealing with difficult behavior, instructional strategies, assessment, and individualized education program (IEP) development. The CD-ROM includes seven PowerPoint presentations to guide training sessions along with easy-to-print handouts in the book to reinforce and extend paraeducators’ learning. This package is useful for in-service days, staff meetings, and independent study programs in school settings. It’s also applicable in college settings, where the material can be used in teaching paraeducators and training the trainers of preservice and in-service teachers.

With Paraeducators in Physical Education, practitioners will be empowered to be actively involved in physical education through effective training in an economical but complete package that promotes healthy and active lifestyles for the children they work with.

Αρ. σελίδων:
21 x 28
Εκδοτικός οίκος:
Έτος έκδοσης:
Lauren J. Lieberman, AAPAR
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